Who is eligible?

If you have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Health Card/Veteran Card – All Conditions (Gold) or Totally & Permanently Incapacitated (Gold), DVA will pay for physiotherapy services, available through DVA arrangements, to meet your clinical needs. For more information about the Gold Card please see Factsheets HSV59 — Eligibility for the DVA Health Card/Veteran Card — All Conditions (Gold) or Totally & Permanently Incapacitated (Gold) and HSV60 — Using the DVA Health Card/Veteran Card — All Conditions (Gold) or Totally & Permanently Incapacitated (Gold).

If you have a DVA Health Card/Veteran Card – Specific Conditions (White), DVA will pay for physiotherapy services, provided under DVA arrangements, if they are required because of an accepted war or service caused injury or disease. For more information about the White Card please see Factsheet HSV61 — DVA Health Card/Veteran Card — Specific Conditions (White).

If you are an allied veteran, you are eligible for treatment of war caused disabilities accepted by your country of enlistment. Please see Factsheet HSV62 — Commonwealth and Other Allied Veterans Living in Australia for information on the services available.

How do I access this service?

You must be referred to a physiotherapist who has a Medicare provider number. A referral can be issued by a general practitioner (GP). In certain circumstances, a referral may also be issued by a medical specialist, or a health professional as part of a hospital discharge.

A referral is valid for up to 12 sessions of allied health treatment or one year, whichever ends first. This ‘treatment cycle’ aims to promote quality clinical care so that you have the best possible prospects for living a healthy life.

At the end of a treatment cycle, your physiotherapist will send a report to your usual GP. Your GP will use this report to review your progress and assess if further physiotherapy is clinically required, or whether other treatment options are needed. Your GP will provide a new referral to the physiotherapist, if it is needed.

Do I need to pay for treatment?

Modern Physiotherapy will accept DVA Gold or White card for full payment of our services and will bill DVA directly for any care provided to you under DVA arrangements. This will ensure you do not incur any out pocket expenses.

Require more information?

Please contact our clinic to chat to our friendly staff.

For further information regarding DVA benefits and factsheets:

DVA Website: www.dva.gov.au

Factsheet Website: www.dva.gov.au/factsheets


All information on this page has been taken from www.dva.gov.au

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