Josh Chuah

Senior Physiotherapist

Josh graduated from Curtin University with a BSc in Physiotherapy and then continued to complete his Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) at Curtin University. Prior to physiotherapy, he worked as a personal trainer, obtaining vast experience in the health and fitness industry.

Josh has developed a strong passion for treating a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly lower back pain, shoulder and knee disorders, and complex sporting injuries especially in barbell sport athletes. He is particularly passionate about treating not only his patients’ presenting symptoms, but addressing the underlying cause itself, optimising longevity by preventing future reoccurrence of the injury.

Josh’s interest in pain science, background in strength & conditioning, as well as having a background of being a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, has allowed him to gain extensive experience both as an athlete and as a therapist. Having experienced first-hand the frustrations of injuries, he has developed a deep understanding of both the physical and mental aspect of overcoming injury. As a result, Josh strives to provide the best standard of care to all his patients with up-to-date evidence-based treatments, with a significant focus on empowering patients to achieve their personal goals and the best quality of life.

Outside of work, Josh is an avid powerlifter competing in the 83kg weight class, with a love of travelling, exploring the coast, photography and weekend coffee-crawls.



·      Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy (Curtin University of Technology)

·     Certificate Orthopaedics (Manual Concepts Curtin University of Technology)

·      Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Curtin University of Technology)

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