Vinicius Fernandez-Martini

Senior Physiotherapist

Vinicius has a deep love of life and learning which has led him to study a variety of fields – ranging from the Physical Sciences of Engineering through to the Humanities within Commerce – achieving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Australian in both. His background and curiosity towards the human body ultimately led him into Physiotherapy where he achieved a Masters in the field from Curtin University.

His interests also stem into the subjects of philosophy, psychology, and models of human learning, along with anything else that will help to elucidate our understanding of the relationship between the mind and body. His belief is that in better understanding the history, mindset, and belief systems we hold, we become better equipped to approach the challenges and limitations we face on a daily basis.

Throughout his journey to delve deeper into understanding the human experience he has travelled extensively around the world to study in many locations, ranging from Consciousness in North America to Movement in Thailand, Portugal, and Germany.

He has worked within the health and fitness industry for over 10 years, running his own functional training gym as well as teaching in fields ranging from dance to martial arts, olympic weightlifting to gymnastics, as well as high intensity training and functional movement.

He practices daily in a variety of fields including dance and martial arts, where he holds a black belt in Japanese Jujutsu, as well as actively practicing Judo and Brazilian Jujutsu. He also maintains a personal movement practice which touches on a broad range of elements within human physicality that are not limited to any specific discipline and oftentimes neglected.

He has culminated his knowledge in what he now shares as a general movement perspective, teaching weekly sessions dedicated to human movement for people of all ages designed to educate and improve the relationship one has with their body in day-to-day life.

A philosopher at heart, Vinicius loves to spend some time each day with a good cup of coffee or tea and a book in hand. He approaches life with a sense of humour and a lightness that will almost always bring a laugh to any interaction and is occasionally known to pick up a guitar and sing.



  • Master of Physiotherapy (Curtin University)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (University of Western Australia)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (University of Western Australia)


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